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Wednesday, April 4

Aaargh. This is why the liberals piss me off around here.

Nassau looks at smoke-ban in parks

Oh fer gawd's sake. I have to go outside and take a picture of the smokestacks that loom over the huge county park across the street from me. Many county parks are at the breezy seashore where sand being blown in your face is more common than cigarette smoke which dissipates about a second after you try to blow it in someones face. Seeing fat men wearing Speedo's at seaside county parks cause much more damage to the populace, in my opinion.

They are raising the taxes on cigarettes in Nassau so that a pack will cost $7.00. Oh lookie, they are trying to make us like NYC. They are also talking about banning smoking outside altogether. We have over a million and half people living in a measly 2000 square miles in Nassau County. Can you imagine the air pollution that already exists since almost everyone in the county over 16 drives a car (oh excuse me, an SUV) even if to travel 1 mile? Plus the county is downwind from NYC's boiler room, New Jersey, not to mention 2 airports close by, LaGuardia and JFK. The air pollution is astounding. If it weren't for the ocean breezes, it would be like L.A. here.

This is just the beginning of the police state.

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