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Sunday, March 11

The Week in Review with Dizzifying Spin

The Pentagon is having trouble finding fresh young blood to send to war. Perhaps Zell "what the fuck is a 'zell'?" Miller was right (scroll down 2 posts to "Zell Miller, Idiot Extraordinaire"). All those aborted babies should have lived fulfilling lives as folly fodder in Iraq, then Iran, then Syria, then Pakistan, N. Korea, Saudi Arabia and then on to the whole world.

Iraq called on its neighbors to help end the violence in Iraq.

So "Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, addressing a meeting at which U.S. officials sat down with adversaries from Iran and Syria, urged Iraq's regional rivals on Saturday to stop supporting insurgents in the country." (The US didn't speak directly with the enemy- Syria and Iran- although they actually sat at the same table.)

He said, He said:
Iran said that the US was fomenting violence in Iraq and should withdraw troops. The US denied that its presence is fomenting violence and that Iran and Syria are fomenting violence in Iraq. Iran and Syria denied the charges. Bush of course wants to add more troops. The story goes on to 'splain more...
"Iran is a key ally of the Shi'ite majority in Iraq, while Saudi Arabia and other Sunni Arab states have been traditional allies of the Sunni minority.

Khalilzad urged Iraq's neighbours to do more to stop the flow of fighters, weapons and sectarian propaganda contributing to the violence, saying the future of Iraq and the Middle East was the defining issue of the moment."
As you know, the Shi'ite insurgents supposedly fueled by Iran and Syria are responsible for 8% of the killings of US troops. Meanwhile, truckloads of goodies and money is sent to Sunni insurgents in Iraq from inside Saudi Arabia. This accounts for about 92% of the deaths of US troops in Iraq and heaven only knows how much other death and destruction they have wrought.

The Arab funded Sunni insurgents kill way more US troops than Iranian funded insurgents. Al Qaeda is in Iraq now. They are Sunni's too. Why haven't I been reading about the planned invasion and occupation of Saudi Arabia? Oh that's right, bush ordered US troops out of Saudi Arabia at Osama bin Laden's request. And you thought that we didn't negotiate with terrorists.

So why does the US support al Qaeda? I am still mad at al Qaeda for 9/11.

On another, but related note since we're speaking of cannon fodder- Most likely if you have made atomic bombs in your lifetime, you are having some health issues now. You may even have joined one of those mega-churches because you've gone bonkers out there in Colorado. Your government would like to thank you for making WMD's and risking your life to make our great country safer by figuring out a way to screw you sideways and backwards. Your overall health is not included in the war budget unfortunately.

You really have to read this story about bomb makers. I really think that the christian thing to do (since this is a christian nation and all) is to take care of our ailing weapons makers who are suffering from the side effects of radiation (not that I am totally sympathetic to their plight because I don't think anyone was forced at gunpoint to make deadly weapons against their will- but I could be wrong) and how the gubmint looks the other way when they get sick. Have any of you had experience with this?

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