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Tuesday, March 27

We need to get smarter and angrier

My mind is whirling right now. I read how we are sending severely wounded troops back for more tours of duty because we can't afford to let them go home to heal. (Not that Walter Reed is much better for our wounded soldiers to mend at). The administration has pushed through its troop increase, leaving MORE men and women in harms way, with little to no training on new equipment (what little of it there is) and no understanding of basic language phrases or customs. Its like they WANT more civilian murders at the hands of our troops, isn't it?

Yet, with all of the problems they are having with one occupation there is now a ground swell of rumors and reports that they want to start ANOTHER one? (See Peter's story below). WTF?! And just what are the justifications for this 'war'?

Add to this the Congress has passed a resolution to give funding to the troops WITH the addition of a timetable for withdraw (One year) (Pity (not) Dick Cheney who rushed to the capitol to cast a tie breaking vote only to find out several republicans had sided with the dems - bwhahahaha). Not that it matters, of course, W has already stated that he will ignore the timetable and do and he damn well pleases. A stance that could easily be the final nail in his impeachment coffin.

Which of course leads me to wonder why he hasn't been impeached yet. He has screwed up everything he has ever touched, he is completely out of touch with reality in general and with the American public specifically. By his own admission, he talks to invisible people and listens when they talk back, he has nothing but faith in his cronies and financial backers... most of whom are leaving him in the dust.

I know the Neo-cons were waiting and expecting the Dems to splinter apart, to have a break down of their new found solidarity over the 'little, grey issues' but you know what, maybe we are getting smarter and learning to look at the big picture. Once the war is over and the monkey slinging shit has been taken out of the room and locked up, THEN we can hammer out the little details that separate us, but until then we stand as one. And we cannot let them pull us apart, not until the nightmare they started has been ended.

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