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Wednesday, March 14

Suggestion: If ya' gotta repukelican congresscritter...

...and I would assume everybody has at least one, whncha call or e-mail his lord-or-ladyship and ask (very politely now),
"Hey old friend, how's that old idea about tieing the performance of the stock market in with Social Security payments coming along"?

For reference's sake, you might provide them with info from...oh, let's see:
Stocks fall sharply as bad loan concern lingers
Shadows from a Future Arriving (by Master Economist Dark Wraith)
Top investor sees U.S. property crash.

And, while you're at it, tell 'em the dollar ain't doing too well against most of the rest of the world's currencies.

Now, I realize this might be an awesome task for some of you, as it is for me also. I have discovered when speaking to dumshits that I have a tendency to laugh in their faces hysterically, especially when they try to bee-ess me with phrases like "momentary adjustment" or "cyclical correction" or "now investors will be looking for bargains".

And, by the way, even that link above about "bad loans" is kinda bullshit. Check out the Wraith's post for the straight poop on what's happening. Here's a handsome quote:
"What's happening is the result of an accumulation of events that are, in their aggregate, deeply changing the configuration of the United States with respect to the rest of the world insofar as financial matters are concerned."

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