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Monday, March 12

Other news

If you're sleeping in separate bedrooms, you're not abnormal. (whew)

The Brain on the Stand excerpt: "To suggest that criminals could be excused because their brains made them do it seems to imply that anyone whose brain isn’t functioning properly could be absolved of responsibility. But should judges and juries really be in the business of defining the normal or properly working brain? And since all behavior is caused by our brains, wouldn’t this mean all behavior could potentially be excused?" Not to mention that the jury and judges brains ought to be checked out too before they render a verdict.

Got Religion? Boston University professor, Steve Prothero's new book, "Religious Literacy," argues that Americans are woefully ignorant about religion- Not only their religion, but everyone else's religion too. Not surprising.

Take the Religious Literary Test at Newsweek to see just how literate you are. I imagine most of you will get 100% like I did because you just cannot be an agnostic or atheist if you don't know all about religion in the first place. Sort of explains why those of "faith" don't know what the hell they're talking about.

Really good article about the evolution revolution: Beyond Stones & Bones
Paleoanthropologists have shed light on even more branches of ancient human ancestors through DNA testing. Move over fossils and bones.

I used to watch Soul Train in the 70's. It's still on. I did not know that. Only 8 of the 10 winners in the Soul Train Music Awards competitive categories showed up. You bastards. Get with the program.

Understanding what's going on in Pakistan. Interesting.

And what was life really like in ancient America's?

Oops! Huge Distant Galaxy Actually Small and Close NGC 5011C

Why won't this Dick keel over and die already?

HFS. The truth about Blackwater.

Screw resignation, Gonzales ought to be fired.

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