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Friday, March 23

Obligatory Friday Sex Post

Chess champ, 15, found with nightclub dancer

A 15-year-old Peruvian chess player who didn't come back from a tournament in Argentina has been found - living with a nightclub dancer.

Emilio Cordova left Lima to play at the South American Chess Championship in Argentina, which he won.

But instead of returning home he went to Brazil and kept asking his family to send him money, saying he was ill.

After a few months his family grew suspicious and asked the police to find the boy.

Emilio was found living with 29-year-old Adriana Oliveira, who works as a dancer at a nightclub.

Emilio told his father, who brought him home to Peru, that Mrs Oliveira was only one of his girlfriends.

He told the press: "I play chess, study chess but this doesn't mean I can't enjoy myself. I'm young and I want to do this. I have to live.

"To be locked up in my room all the time depresses me."

I thought that since we were talking about 15 year olds in the previous post... well...

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