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Wednesday, March 28

Moon River of the best!

You MUST take a listen to THIS VERSION by Kid Koala + P Love. He's a "Turntablist" (I thought there was something wrong with the audio when I played it)

A fantasy like experience, especially when it comes on while you're typing. It's haunting. It's simply beautiful.....

Moon river, wider than a mile
I'm crossing you in style some day
Oh, dream maker, you heart breaker
Wherever you're goin', I'm goin' your way

Two drifters, off to see the world
There's such a lot of world to see
We're after the same rainbow's end, waitin' 'round the bend
My huckleberry friend, moon river, and me

Kid Koala is Kewl. Fantastic piece of recording!!! (right click to add)

While you're over at Motel, don't forget to get Marvin Gaye - What's going on, and The Guess Who (Who?) - Undun.


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