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Thursday, March 29

Let the Music Play

Just my 2¢...

Nobel Peace Prize Nominee and former Vice President of the United States, Al Gore is being blocked by some anti-global warming Congress critters of the GOP (my party, right or wrong) persuasion from having a "Live Earth" concert on the steps of the Capital building this July. The major excuse given by that bastion of ill repute, James Inhofe (R-Ok) is that you're not supposed to have an event that is partisan or politically controversial on Capital gruonds. Being that Inhofe's opinion on global warming makes the whole thing politically controversial and partisan, and someone ought to investigate exactly whose pocket Inhofe is in, makes this controversy laughable. Furthermore, his ill informed and uneducated opinion on the topic, plus the fact that he is anti-science (unless it serves his political agenda) in this day and age, insults my, and the rest of country's, intelligence. Global warming is not an opinion.

Speaking of Al Gore, did you catch Jon Stewart hosting Dennis Miller the other night and the sarcastic ribbing Stewart received from Colbert afterwards for not taking Miller down?

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