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Monday, March 12

Know Your Bad Guy

Despite what the Bushistas try to tell you.

While we're mostly hearing on the news that there might be a war with Iran because of the Shi'ite insurgents in Iraq who kill roughly 8% of our troops, you rarely hear a peep from commentators on the news about the Arab backed Sunni's who kill 92% of our troops and most of the innocent Iraqi victims of the invasion and occupation of Iraq.

Take yesterday for instance. According to the NY Times:
In New Tactic, Militants Burn Houses in Iraq

BAGHDAD, March 11 — Sunni militants burned homes in a mixed city northeast of Baghdad on Saturday and Sunday, forcing dozens of families to flee and raising the specter of a new intimidation tactic in Iraq’s evolving civil war, Iraqi officials and witnesses said.

Militants also continued their campaign against Shiite pilgrims on Sunday, striking as the pilgrims returned home from the southern city of Karbala after observances there for the Arbaeen holiday over the weekend. The worst attack, a car bombing, killed at least 19 people in Baghdad as they were riding home from the south in a pickup truck.

Attackers burned both Sunni and Shiite homes in a neighborhood of Muqdadiya, a city of about 200,000 in Diyala Province, about 60 miles from Baghdad. There were differing reports about how many houses were affected. A security official in Diyala said that at least 30 houses were completely burned, including occupied and abandoned buildings, while a Sunni Arab politician from the area said that only six houses were destroyed. Some witnesses said as many as 100 houses were set on fire.

Victims from both sects blamed the Islamic State of Iraq, an umbrella organization for Sunni extremists that has taken over several other towns in the area. Residents said the group had recently demanded money, weapons and oaths of support from the local populace...
I sound like a broken record, but there will be a test.

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