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Monday, March 19

Iraq: 4 years later

Zip it.

CNN's Ed Henry asked Tony Snow what the recipe of success was for Iraq. Tony Snow smugly asked Ed Henry what HIS recipe was. Henry reported:
And when I pointed out to him that that was inappropriate for me to answer that — it’s not up for me about what the recipe for success is, what is the President’s recipe for success? — Tony felt I was interrupting him and said, “Zip it.”

Meanwhile, Condi defended going to war in Iraq but admitted that the US didn't send in enough troops to begin with.
Asked on CBS's "The Early Show" to say what the administration could have done better, Rice replied, "I don't know. When we look back over time we will know the answer to that question."
Yes, she should be president.


Bush isn't taking any questions regarding the war on Iraq today. He asked Americans to just be patient.


18. That's the percentage of Iraqi's who are confident that the US forces will succeed in bringing order to Iraq.


In other news, amazingly another testimony from Gitmo: Waleed Mohammed bin Attash admitted to plotting the bombing of the USS Cole. He also admitted to helping organize the bombings of the U.S. embassies in Kenya and Tanzania.

Does this mean we can go home now?

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