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Monday, March 19

Here's an idea:

Let's everybody confess to everything and watch the justice (sick) system in this country shit a ring around itself. Headline from the LA Times reads:

"Convicted Pearl killer will appeal"

(Text): "The lawyer for a man convicted of killing Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl said in Pakistan that he would appeal his client's death sentence after reports that an Al Qaeda lieutenant recently confessed to the slaying.

"Khalid Shaikh Mohammed claimed at a U.S. military hearing at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, that he personally beheaded Pearl in 2002."

So then we would have the humiliating spectacle of the justice (sick) system in this country trying to figure out which "perp" to prosecute. The hideous imaginary scenario that could be conjured up is that the depraved sunsabitches will just imprison everybody.

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