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Sunday, March 18

"Hague court could try Bush, Blair"

Now you won't find the above headline and accompanying article at Google News or Yahoo! News, but it can be found in the Main Stream Media. Howzat? It's a London Sunday Telegraph piece by way of...The Washington Times! Like I've mentioned here and there previously, the Times appears to be pro-bush and pro-neo-con when it suits the Times' (read that as Moon's) agenda.

Here's a choice quote:
"Asked whether he could envision a situation in which Mr. Bush and Mr. Blair found themselves in the dock answering charges of war crimes in Iraq, (Chief Prosecutor Luis Moreno-Ocampo) replied: "Of course, that could be a possibility ... whatever country joins the court can know that whoever commits a crime in their country could be prosecuted by me."

Oh, not that I hold out much hope that such an event will ever come to pass, but "...of such things are dreams made..." And there has been a lotta funny (read that "weird", not "ha-ha") shit happening lately.

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