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Friday, March 30

Friday Sex Post for Women

Terrible Ted sent me a link to this article for the Friday sex post: Do Women Enjoy Chocolate More Than Sex?

The article by Danielle Egan is about a book written by Joan Sewell, I'd Rather Eat Chocolate: Learning to Love My Low Libido, who claims that women lose their libidos as they grow older. It's an old excuse and is not scientifically sound. Sure, she may prefer chocolate to sex with her husband for whatever reasons and she may be ok with her low libido- fine with me. But it's not biological. If the opportunity came up, my chocolate stash would be out the window in a second. Sewell thinks horny women are pandering to men. It's quite the contrary.

A woman's seeming lack of a sex drive, is not usually biological if you study the studies. Menopause does not click the switch off either. In this world with the unprecendented distractions, it's easy for couples to fall into a rut when it comes to intimacy, but with a little work from both sides, you can turn that flicker into a flame, if you want to.

Chocolate is a wonderful sex substitute for a human being, because you get the emotional pleasure (and then the resulting guilt)... but if someone new gives you the eye, that chocolate bar is not necessary anymore, although both are delightful as a combo. A woman may choose to stay on the chocolate rather than to get it on with the mailman because she values her current relationship, but it's not because she lacks the ability to be a horn dog.

A woman who eats chocolate is not dead yet.
If she were dead, she wouldn't be eating the chocolate.

UPDATE: Terrible Ted also wants you to see this article: Storm in US over chocolate Jesus
Chocolate Jesus on a cross? Oh. It's art. That's sure to fuel a controversy with the unpopular but vocal Catholic League who do not represent the majority of US Catholics. And isn't it interesting that the 'storm' is covered in the BBC news and I haven't even heard of this "storm" here in NY where it is happening?

UPDATE 2: the story is all over the cover of the NY Daily News. Figures.
UPDATE 3: The Chocolate Jesus will not be displayed after all.

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