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Wednesday, March 28

Even his Allies aren't returning his calls

I think this is quite possibly the best news I've heard today.

Now WE here, (you know, those citizens who actually READ and don't turn to Faux News to give us answers) do realized that the majority of terrorists attacks in Iraq are being funded and performed by allies of the Arabs, so it is especially interesting that Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah had his national security advisor Bandar bin Sultan FLY to DC to tell Bush that the state dinner for April is OFF. The reason, 'It is not convenient' was the way it was put," says one official.

Now of course this comes right after an announcement that Saudi Arabi is looking for some common ground with the Iranians and Hezbollah. The money quote (and one I'll commit to memory) is :

"She is conducting crisis management, not grand diplomacy," a European official who talked to her recently said disappointedly.

Adds an admirer who tracks Rice's intentions and assessments in the Middle East: "Condi is doing everything she can. But she is dancing with a corpse that just keeps flopping over in another direction every time she tries to move it."

It is also noted that in the traditional Saudi view, when an administration or ruler is swimming against a tide of scandal and stench that engulfs his most trusted aides... this is a moment to hedge, not to indulge.

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