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Thursday, March 29

"Calm down with the threats."

States Speaker Pelosi -

"On this very important matter, I would extend a hand of friendship to the president, just to say to him, 'Calm down with the threats," she said. "There's a new Congress in town. We accept your constitutional role. We want you to accept ours."

"This war must end. The American people have lost faith in the president's conduct of the war. Let's see how we can work together," added Pelosi, D-Calif.

She and Reid also sent Bush a letter during the day that said they "stand ready to work with you, but your threats to veto a bill that has not even been presented to you indicate that you may not be ready to work with us."

video here

Yep, hasn't even reached his desk and he's threatening a veto showdown and claiming ANYTHING that goes wrong with the army and war is now the fault of Congress. What a wanker!

So where are we at with the spiraling into the inky bowels of hell check off list?

1. Failed war and occupation
2. Former allies runing away and ignoring you
3. Several members of administration on trial or under investigation
4. Economy in the tank and sinking fast
5. Even the Mormons have lost faith in you (its true, a 21% drop in approval)
6. Your best advisor, Turdblossom, has started a rap career
7. Even the always reliable Right wing shills are getting their asses handed to them on their own TV shows

I'm sure you can come up with heaps more, maybe we should keep a running list somewhere so we can refer back to it.

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