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Sunday, March 25

BUT! What are we going to do about the emissions of bullshit from republicans?

"Pill stops cow burps and helps save the planet"

There's the headline. Here's Kate Connolly's article in the British-based Guardian:
Friday March 23, 2007

Cut down on flying, sell the car and recycle your bottles. But if you really want to tackle global warming, you should stop your cow from burping.
According to scientific estimates, the methane gas produced by cows is responsible for 4% of greenhouse gas emissions. And now, German scientists have invented a pill to cut bovine burping.
The fist-sized plant-based pill, known as a bolus, combined with a special diet and strict feeding times, is meant to reduce the methane produced by cows.

Hit the link for the rest of Kate's article. Meanwhile, I'm gonna try and find her e-mail address and ask her if she's heard anything about attempts to eliminate or at least reduce the amount of political bullshit that is also polluting our planet.

Kate writes about a good idea though. I spent my high school years, and a lotta time since then, doing farm work, which included milking cows, some even by hand instead of a machine. Once, I was pouring ground oats into the manger connected to old Bossy's stanchion when she let one rip right in my face and I damn near lost my supper. Up to that point in time I had always believed that a combination lima bean/sauerkraut fart was the worst smell on earth.

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