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Thursday, March 22

Boxer shows Inhofe the gavel as he rudely interupts Gore

Yesterday, the heritage foundation sent an anti-global warming spokesman to debate my son's geology teacher and the geology department at Hofstra University. Kids of both persuasions were there. The heritage foundation guy clearly lost the debate and I am waiting for my son to write about it for this blog. He knows about this stuff better than I do. One thing I do know, is that whatever the cause, earthlings ought to prepare for drastic climate change.

Ironically, Al Gore presented his findings yesterday to the congress and the senate, and amazingly I was watching it, and Gore naturally was dissed by the great ignoramus from Oklahoma, James Inhofe, who always seems to preach bad science as fact. For instance, back in September, CNN took the Inhofe challenge and debunked all his bad science. But yesterday it was remarkable how rude Inhofe was to Al Gore. He insisted on having his 15 minutes of questioning and wanted Al Gore to send him the answers in writing so that time wouldn't be wasted listening to Gore. Finally Barbara Boxer picked up the gavel and told Inhofe that he doesn't make the rules anymore. She does. The audience went crazy. You can watch it here. Overall, this is a very partisan issue in DC.

On the news shows afterwards, the talking heads remarked at just how severe Al Gore's proposals were to offset the effects of global warming and they laughed it off. They commented that he couldn't possibly be thinking of running for president with all those radical ideas, like requiring a ban on any new coal-burning power plants. Of course Gore had to propose the harshest recommendations. He's smart enough to know that if he gets anything out of this congress, he better shoot high in the first place. More here

The Democrats are also focusing on how Darth Cheney's office has been manipulating the science of global warming documents. Just how evil is this man? (oh wait, at least he's not having sex)

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