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Sunday, March 11

Another WTF moment in American family values

The xtian wrong is just so impressed with Newt Gingrich's faux admission of moral failings, his lack of marital fidelity and outright hypocrisy during the Clinton blowjob scandal, that Jerry Falwell has invited Newt to deliver the commencement address at Liberty University. Thank the Lord that the students will know that it's ok to cheat on your spouses and point fingers at other cheaters, just as long as you admit to it (if someone asks you while you're under oath), because you will be forgiven (if you are a Republican, of course).

Falwell compares his forgiveness of Gingrich to Ronald Reagan:
"I well remember the challenge we evangelicals faced in 1980 when our candidate, Ronald Reagan, was the first presidential candidate who had gone through a divorce. We wisely made allowance for God's forgiveness and America was the beneficiary of this historic champion," Falwell added.
Hallelujah. Reagan was indeed a godsend.

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