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Tuesday, February 20

You Gotta Love This Country

Although I find the MTA Subway design on the wrapper a bit un-sexy, NYC Condoms are free. That's right. Free! There will be 18 million of them distributed- 18million less chances of contracting HIV or paying child support for the next 21 years.

Dire Situation Avoided
The men at NY Mag suggested that the condoms are 2mm smaller than the ones you buy in the store, after unrolling them and laying them out side by side next to name brand condoms, and were assured by the NYC Health Department "that the NYC condoms are the same, standard LifeStyles lubricated sold everywhere." It's ok guys, they didn't short change you. Your wee-wee's aren't smaller than average. Whew.

And while I'm on the subject, what is the big deal about the word, "scrotum" in children's literature? Since when is it a taboo word that librarians don't want to be forced to explain to children? An Newberry Award winning book has been banned in school libraries (as in censorship) over the word, "scrotum." Wouldn't you think that by the time a child can read that he would know what those dangly things between his legs are called? ( I haven't read the book and I cannot comment on how the word is used in context, but it's a children's book, for gawd's sake.)

A Moment of Silence
While we're on the subject of men's issues, I'm sad to tell you that the man who invented the remote control has died.

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