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Saturday, February 24

What's Your Favorite Show?

It was long day yesterday, driving to "Live Free Or Die" (I love New Hampshire) to take a night class, which was fabulous, by the way and I can't wait for more fun today and tomorrow. Back in my hotel room I plopped in front of the television waiting for Bill Maher to come on HBO (but I fell asleep before the end of the monologue.)

I've only recently begun to watch television somewhat regularly besides Comedy Central at 11 or MSNBC at 8. What's your favorite show or favorite shows on television?

I am attracted to political satire and offbeat series. Currently, my very favorite is Boston Legal. The cast is outstanding and sharp. Shatner slays me. I also find myself strangely attracted to James Spader's character.

It's cold, icy and windy up here in the land of the free, home of the brave and tax free shopping. I'm off to the workshop now. I'll see you later.

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