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Tuesday, February 27

Today's News With Incredible Spin- I'm getting dizzy

Imagine my surprise (not) last night when the LOCAL news came on after playing all those snippets of news during your program that make you not want to change the channel when it's over. "Will Tehran attack New York City?" Oh you should have heard me cursing out the television before I changed the channel. They showed the police commissioner giving speeches and all that crap. Naturally today I am sick to my stomach after thinking about all the homeland security funds that went to East Armpit. Still and all, this is bogus piece of shit "journalism" is meant to scare people, although NYers are rarely frightened these days of Muslim terrorists- NY is a target for American fear mongering mostly. But we'll take all the anti-terrorism funding, thank you very much.

Did you hear about this? This ought to take the heat off the homosexshuls for a while:
Documentary shows possible Jesus tomb Let me tell you something. The resurrection of Jesus IS central to Christian faith. Without it, there would be no christianity. The story of Jesus' resurrection is what kept Jesus alive for lo these past 2000 years. Easter is the most important christian holy day. Not Christmas, which was invented by people to offset the winter solstice extravaganza. I'm sure that Big Religion will do all it can to dispute this story whether or not it can be proven because there would be complete chaos worldwide as billions of christians attempt to convert to Judaism.


Neil Bush is making nicey nicey with the Saudi's. Water de-salinating technology or something like that. Obviously he's using his brother's and father's connections to do business with the Saudi's who are Sunni's (remember al Qaeda?) Neil admits that he, like his father, do not discuss politics with George W. Will Georgie throw a tantrum?

The Saudi's, by the way, supply more ammunition, weapons and aid to the insurgents who kill and maim 92% of our troops, while the Iranians may be responsible for about 8%. Because Israel has a bone to pick with Iran, the US is shoring up excuses to start a war with Iran. I find this totally unacceptable and I am having a hard time keeping my mouth shut when it comes to my feelings about Israel at the moment. Just the fact that it is so taboo to express any doubts as to the motives of the Israeli government and not taboo to express my doubts about any other government on earth, including my own, makes the whole damn thing even more suspect.

God bless her, may she rest in peace, but my mom ate raw garlic every day to ward off high cholesterol. She downed all sorts of pills from Vitamin World too. But I gotta tell you, that riding in the car with her, between her weird cigarettes and garlic breath, made me want to puke violently out the window. And when I did open the window to put my head out, my poor dad, may he also rest in peace and may god bless him, would complain about the "gale" wind.

Imagine my surprise (not) when I read this: Garlic Won't Lower Cholesterol
So if you're eating raw garlic to lower your cholesterol, give your friends and family a break.

This poor chubby child in Britain may be taken away from his mom for being fat.

"LONDON - Authorities are considering taking an 8-year-old boy who weighs 218 pounds into protective custody unless his mother improves his diet, officials said Monday. Social service officials will meet with family members Tuesday to discuss the health of Connor McCreaddie, who weighs more than three times the average for his age."

I dunno. I am thinking "police state." What a dilemma. Read the story. I know parents of fat children and they are at their wit's end.

The First Lobotomy lied to Larry King last night. There are over 100 insurgent attacks every day in Iraq. Laura Bush: Much Of Iraq Is ‘Stable,’ There’s Just ‘One Bombing A Day That Discourages Everybody’

GI's have petitioned congress to get them the hell out of the war because it's not working and they are getting killed. For nothing. Meanwhile General Pace has declared the the US military capability is eroding and cannot possibly take on another war.

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