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Thursday, February 8

Thank You, Trolls

Uh, this isn't another "PoLT's lost it again" posts.

No; but like I was tellin' the babes the other day in an e-mail every time the trolls start slithering through the blogsites (and they're out all over the place), that's the clue to me that the right-wing hate/disinfo/misinfo machine is up and running again in high gear. And THAT tells me that something big may be about to happen, or is happening, that the neo-cons don't want us to notice.

The two BIGGEST "smoke and mirrors" stories I've come across lately is the "Astronaut Nowak" fiasco and "John Edwards bloggers" business. Gawd! As I write this, that last is the lead story at GoogleNews. When I sniff a story like that in first place, the first thing I think of is that someone's trying to discredit the blogosphere; the second is that I figure somebody's trying to smoke me.

Suggest folks take a look at Something strange about Astronaut "love triangle" over at Rigorous Intuition.

So thanks again trolls. I'll continue to look at the headlines at GoogleNews to see what I'm supposed to believe is the news; then I'll drop on over to Signs-of-the-Times to get the real news.

Here's a couple more interesting news sites:

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