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Sunday, February 18

Sunday's Homily

A true or false quiz/opinion poll:

1. The US is supporting an illegal millitary occupation.

2. Israel claims it is defending itself from terrorism caused by jealosy, race, or religion. What they do not mention is the illegal military occupation.

3. Israel builds racially segregated settlements into Palestine. These "settlements" are for Jews only.

4. This is an army fighting civilians.

5. The Israel government is not fighting terrorism. They are creating it by engaging in it themselves.

6. Suicide bombers are a backlash from ethnic cleansing not Islam. The illegal occupation is the source of the conflict not a reaction to it.

7. We should be supporting humanity not flags.

8. Labeling and name calling is Israel's only defense aside from fear and deception.

9. Fighting Zionism is no more anti-semitic than fighting the Nazis would be anti-white

10. It's not anti-semitic. It's patriotic to support life and liberty.

Stop profiterrorism.

Divest now.


I took these talking points off of a video over at anti-neocons. It was most difficult to watch. I'm sure you will see what I mean. The video above it was VERY interesting. It's an old video of, in their words "Wolf Blitzer former AIPAC employee promoting Zionism."

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