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Wednesday, February 7

See Ralph Run. Run, Ralph, Run

Ralph Nader was on with Wolf Blitzer this past Sunday and has left open the possibility of a presidential run in 2008 if no one runs that he would vote for. He believes Americans should have an option that would "break up this two-party elected dictatorship that is becoming more and more like a dial for the same corporate dollars".

He has spent his whole life taking on big business and is not afraid of a fight. When General Motors went digging for dirt to use against him they came up empty-handed. I admire Mr. Nader for pissing off corporate shills on both sides of the aisle.

A votenader2008 website has been created by GOP operatives to mock him and his supporters. Now I know some of you will howl that GOP'ers never make fun of people or engage in dirty campaign tricks or smear anyone that threatens their power and to that let me just say "Wake the hell up".

Who would Ralph Nader vote for? Mike Gravel of Alaska, Dennis Kucinich of Ohio and Bill Moyers are the names he mentioned.

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