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Friday, February 9

Obligatory Friday Sex Post

Thank god for the Village Voice.

Can sex toys be dangerous? Why yes indeed, claims a model who discovered that phthalates, chemicals that are added to vinyl to make it more pliable, can leach out of a dildo.

"I spread lube on one end and began to slide the dildo into my ass... As the head slipped inside, my ass suddenly felt like it was on fire." From Dangerous Dildos, Part 1

Excerpt from a letter from a reader:
"... lately our vanilla sex life is suffering. When it's playtime, he always wants to come in his diapers. When it's not playtime, he lies there like a lump. Now he's decided that he doesn't want to have sex unless it's playtime. The past three months, when I explained that I would like my turn, he came too quickly for me to have any enjoyment. I know he can hold off longer— he always does when in diapers—and I'm getting really frustrated. He says he knows he's being selfish, but he's just not interested in regular sex. Then he cries and says he's a freak..."
I just love the answer to this letter and you'll have to read it in Beware the Karmic Rule of Kink

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