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Friday, February 16

Not content to wage war against just the human race...

...colostomybagbreath and his neo-conservatives have decided to stamp out EVERY living thing on earth:

UPDATE: Parasite infects 80,000 Md. trout

UPDATE 2: Suppressed report shows cancer link to GM potatoes

The frogs are dying:

Ponds and swamps are becoming eerily silent. The familiar melody of ribbits, croaks and chirps is disappearing as a mysterious killer fungus wipes out frog populations around the globe, a phenomenon likened to the extinction of dinosaurs.
Scientists from around the world are meeting Thursday and Friday in Atlanta to organize a worldwide effort to stem the deaths by asking zoos, aquariums and botanical gardens to take in threatened frogs until the fungus can be stopped.

The honeybees are dying:

Something is killing the nation's honeybees.
Dave Hackenberg had 3,000 hives and figures he has lost all but about 800 of them.
In labs across the nation, researchers have been stunned by the number of calls about the mysterious losses.
"Every day, you hear of another operator," said Dennis vanEngelsdorp, acting state apiarist with the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture. "It's just causing so much death so quickly that it's startling."
At stake is the work the honeybees do, pollinating more than $15 billion worth of U.S. crops, including Pennsylvania's apple harvest, the fourth-largest in the nation, worth $45 million, and New Jersey's cranberries and blueberries.

And the birds are dropping dead all over the earth, and in Houston, Idaho, Maine, Iowa.

So, how do you want to go?
Freeze to death? Starve? Die of thirst? Asphyxiate? In a hail of gunfire? Or some long, lingering, torture-ridden, pain-wracked illness? I heard once that with radiation poisoning sometimes you can shit yourself to death.

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