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Tuesday, February 20

Mardi Gras Stories and Pics

Here we celebrate Fauschnaught Day (Doughnut Day) but everyone knows the real party (at least North of the Equator) in in New Orleans, LA. This year the Proteus parade (on Lundi Gras) had the theme of "Legends and Lore of the Deep" and while very, very small this years (and apparently with a huge shortage of bathroom facilities) Madri Gras continued on.

Roxanne over at Pandagon also has some Mardi Gras footage, along with some footage of 12 year old blogger Kalypso's family and their lives since Katrina. She especially noted the lack of beads this year and the fact that donkeys (instead of tractors) were pulling some of the floats. Her father has a pretty interesting blog of his own too.

Heh, heh, a family that blogs together.......

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