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Saturday, February 10

The Liberal Media

The meme that the media is "liberal" has been spread by the media ironically and yet no one can point to any proof that it is. Just because something is true doesn't mean it's liberal. There are journalists who are decidedly left leaning, but taken as a whole, there is no media organization that is liberal. Furthermore, 'liberal' is not a dirty word. I related to people who believe that the media is liberal and we cannot even discuss it because I am met with non sequiturs about Clinton's blow job and them asking me why I hate America.

And now a word and challenge from reader, Father Tyme:
The MSM is a liberal leaning organization!
We've heard that since 1994 or maybe 1960.

Maybe someone out there on the right could provide those things known as "facts" about the media being liberal. You don't have to provide many since they are so left leaning that examples should pop up like Republican Talking Points. Let's hear for those of you who have been supporting the right and complaining the media is liberal.

I'd say 50 current (last 6 years should do)examples of definitive liberal bias - with citations (for those on the right who never heard of a citation, it's providing names, dates, publication names and dates, references and any other pertinent information that can substantiate your claims so the rest of us can check your work) should allow conversion of the most hardened liberal to a conservative point of view. Since the media is SO liberal, there shouldn't be ANY problem with you providing examples.

Oh, and you can't use things like, "My Nascar Daddy says you're a bunch of liberals" or "Everyone knows the media is liberal."

Pat Buchanan was asked to do this a couple of years ago and said that it's an accepted conclusion. That's fact!!"

Not only do I know that there won't be anywhere near 50 responses (probably less than 10 if that), but I expect all kinds of rationalizations from you on the right rather than answer me. Either that or glib quips (at least ones YOU think are glib.)

Simple question for simple me the proof.

Anyone care to answer Father Tyme?

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