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Thursday, February 22

Jesus H. Christ. Let's just get our troops out of there.

This story just makes you wonder. Just the first paragraph got me.

"Paul E. Cortez, 24, wept Wednesday as he became the second U.S. soldier to plead guilty to charges in a case considered among the worst atrocities by U.S. military personnel in Iraq."
Worst atrocity? Yes, it's pretty awful but the worst? It's just not the fact that our troops heinously raped a girl and murdered her family, because you know and I know that a lot of families were murdered in cold blood in Iraq by our troops who were brainwashed to follow orders... I don't know for sure if rape was on the list of orders, but it seems to be a popular past-time throughout the history of war... but what about white phosphorus, DU and all the other atrocities like abu ghraib? Who's responsible for those orders as well? And how come you don't hear about charges against our troops who rape their female counterparts? But you never read about any commanders being charged. So is this how we liberate a country and make them free?

""I lifted up her skirt and took off her stockings while Barker held her hands with his knees," he said before admitting that he raped the teenager as she screamed. "After I was done, myself and Barker switched spots."

"Cortez offered no explanation for his involvement in the rape and murders, only saying that his intent was to rape the girl. The killing of the family was originally reported to be the work of insurgents.

"Another soldier, former Pfc. Steven D. Green, shot the girl's father, mother and younger sister in the bedroom, Cortez said. Green raped the girl in front of Cortez and then shot her multiple times in the head, he said.

"Cortez also testified that the soldiers attempted to burn the girl's body, burned their clothes and threw the murder weapon, an AK-47, into a canal in an attempt to get rid of evidence."

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