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Tuesday, February 6

Iran: Déjà vu

Before the US does anything to engage Iran in a war or military action, congress should have to actually declare war on Iran and make it official. No more loopholes should be made available for this president. I fear that all the money he's asked for in the budget for Iraq will be shifted to Iran at some point. He did it with the war on Afghanistan money- shifted the funding to Iraq without anyones approval.

So far, most of the rhetoric coming out of the administration regarding Iran is unprovable. We've been down that road before. There is talk of "diplomacy" however I don't read about anyone in this administration talking to an Iranian leaders. Have I missed something? When the shit was hitting the fan between Israel and Lebanon over the summer, did you read of any diplomacy taking place? Condi flew around the world talking to her allies and friends. I'm tired of this "we don't talk to evil" nonsense spewed forth by this administration. They ought to grow the hell up and talk to the "axis of evil" face to face and quit giving speeches laced with threats. This is not high school.

Ahmadinejad is very unpopular in Iran, much like Bush is unpopular here in America. Are two nations going to be dragged into a war just because they are held hostage by war and power crazed leaders? Sure, it's happened before throughout history, but this is the 21st century, for gawd's sake. The Iranian people are calling for impeachment of Ahmadinejad just as Americans are calling for Bush's impeachment. If anyone is going to go to war here, it ought to be the leaders of the two countries. Let them fight it out themselves in an arena. I'll buy the popcorn.

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