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Wednesday, February 28

"In U.S. Overtures to Foes, New Respect for Pragmatism"

That's the New York Times headline. MY headline would be:

"Buttwipebreath Gets the Message From the People Who Are REALLY Running Things"

The article begins: "In the span of just two weeks, the United States has agreed to hold high-level contacts with Iran and Syria, and to start down the path toward formal diplomatic recognition of North Korea.
"Has the Bush administration gone soft on its foes?"

I'd answer that question, "Well, sorta, but maybe it's a question of necessity".
Here's what happened in about a three-day news period: There was the CNN/BBC fiasco where it's revealed that newspeople announced the collapse of Building 7 before it actually happened, there was an attempted "hit" on the V-P, stock markets tanked all over the world (A LOT of them are still headed into the shitter), and 4 generals and 1 admiral threatened to resign their commissions. So, here's a thought about what's really going on: Maybe the Powers That Be are sending messages that say, "Hey, Dildobutt; back it down a little; we'll letcha know when we want the world blown up. And it'll be on OUR timetable, not yours".

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