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Sunday, February 11

If Only.....

I can't help but to sometimes think of what our country would be like today if Gore had taken the reigns of power.

Can you imagine it? Instead of a dry drunk, cowboy wanna-be, frat boy with nominal intelligence a nasty smirk and delusions we could have an intelligent, articulate, Nobel-nominated president. One who actually DOES know what the greatest threats to this country and the world in general are.

Would 9/11 even have happened with him in charge? I can't imagine he would have suddenly turned a deaf ear to his security guru's and the former president's counsel. And even if it did happen, can you imagine Al Gore flipping the bird to the rest of the world, snubbing their outpourings of sympathy and offers of assitance just for the chance to show he had a bigger dick than his father. (Oh, wait, Gore doesn't NEED to prove anything).

What about Pre and Post Katrina? Would the Corps of Engineers had their funding cut so deeply for so long that the levy(s) would have been let go? Would he have sat back and waited to see if the city actually flooded? And say if there was absolutely no way to avoide the flooding and carnage, would it have taken him five days to get his arse down there and let the first responders in? (Troll, don't fuck with me on this, we had a team of first responders down there in less than 16 hours, they were physcially kept out of the city by the military for days). Would we still have thousands of people scattered across the country in a state of perpetual limbo?

And considering some of Mr. Gore's pet peeves, do you really think big business and oil tycoons would be granted such leeway? Petroleum companies showing their biggest profits EVER while the middle class scrapes to get by? National forest put up on the block to be sold to the highest bidder to do with them as they please? Education left in the dust, fights over the validity of evolution, the encroachment of theology into science and medicine?

Would his administration be on trial (well if the Rethugs run the Congress, yes it would, I'm sure they'd find and investment of Tipper's to hand over to Ken Starr). Would undercover spies have their identities blown in the national media over a "how dare you not cow-tow to my whims" temper tantrum?

Would over 3,115 service members be dead in Iraq? Not to mention countless civilians killed, wounded, displaced and disenfranchised. Would America be the laughing stock of the world?

Damn, but its amazing what a difference ONE CHOICE and ONE VOTE can make, isn't it?

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