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Friday, February 9

Friendly Fire

I'm still trying to understand how The Sun obtained the video tape from the cockpit of the American Air Force jet that killed British soldier Matty Hull in South Iraq, in 2003. I read the brief story last week in the paper which pretty much centered around the word FUCK; well, it read F_ _ _.

Last night I listened to the heart wrenching NPR story Is Friendly Fire Preventable?


Julian Borger, reporter, the Guardian

Claire Leger , mother of Canadian soldier Sgt. Marc Leger, who was killed by friendly fire in Afghanistan

Sarah Sewell, director of Carr center for human rights policy at Harvard

(You will never be the same after you listen to this segment)

Did you know that friendly fire was the cause of 15% of all deaths in WWII? Did you know that 148 died in the 1st gulf war and 35 were friendly fire?

Did you know that for years, Matty Hull's family had been told there was no cockpit video of that attack? This may remind some of the way the military handled Pat Tillman's death -- first his family was told he died heroically in a fire, then it came out he was killed by another american soldier.

here's the recent youtube posting of the Sun's video


I have no words......

(I tried to post USA Today's 30 second video segment on the same topic also, but all that plays when I hit Matty Hull's video is the Anna Nicole Smith fiasco)

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