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Saturday, February 24

Dear Senator McCain,

I have been following you in the Senate for quite a few years because it is well known that you have presidential aspirations. As a former Republican, I believe that anyone is better than our current president but I also have my doubts about your candidacy because you appear to have an ever shifting stance on so many issues that are of grave importance to the American people, most of whom do not have corporate ties or interests and do not wish to watch you play politics.

I read with interest your statements in Seattle on Friday, February 23rd, 2007. When asked by an audience member if you are "sucking up to the religious right," you replied with "What's wrong with sucking up to everybody?" While that is a cutesy answer, it's not what those of us who are waiting with baited breath to what will happen to our country if another far right wing Republican were to take office. After all the years of blunders by the bush administration, all in the name of "politics," your answer left me very nauseous.

Do you or don't you support the agenda of the religious right? Do you understand the ramifications of that? These so-called "christians" who have such a hold on the Republican Party pose a great threat to freedom "of" or "from" religion by the majority of the American people who get along just fine without the input of extremists wishing to impose their ill-educated notions via legislation on the rest of the country who are mostly responsible enough to let their own consciences be their guide. All you have to do is open a history book or look at the middle east currently to see what happens when a religious group attempts to influence government.

You also said, "I believe that if we fail in Iraq, you will see chaos and genocide." You also said that Iraq was in danger of being overtaken by "Iranian-backed Shiite" forces due to the British retreat. First of all, chaos and genocide are already taking place in Iraq thanks to the political blunders of the this administration- it is no secret to those of us who read and pay attention. Secondly, believe it or not, we are also aware that Arab backed Sunni's are the people who attacked our country and my city on September 11, 2001. Arab backed Sunni's have killed 92% of our troops in Iraq. Your stance on the Iraq situation will have an effect on your political career, just as you suggested that it did with Tony Blair- however your political suicide will be for different reasons. Your position on Iran will also greatly influence voters and polls. I urge you to pay attention to the facts and react to them honestly.

Forget playing politics for the rest of your campaign and let the majority of the American people really know where you stand because the majority oppose this war in Iraq and oppose the evangelical "christian" right. Your double speak and pandering to every group has become tiring. Say what you mean and mean what you say, for the good of the country you claim to love so dearly.

That's all for now.

Mrs. Liz Smith

See also the next recipient of my constrained (at the moment) wrath: Joe Lieberman -he who has also kissed the devil and a master of flip-flops. He dares to imply that he actually knows what he is talking about when in fact, he too is playing politics at a time when most Americans are not in the mood for games.

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