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Friday, February 16

Chinese New Year Begins this Sunday

I'm working like a DOG today, and probably through the weekend, cleaning my house like a mad woman. (And what a mess it is -- too much blogging lately) I always attempt to get the homefront in order in preparation for the Chinese New Year -- tradition you know.

I'm starting with the fridge. Since I have a lot of leftovers, and I hate to waste food, today's menu will be a ham and cheese omlet for breakfast, a BLT for lunch, and the rest of last night's pork dinner. Whew -- just in time too, cause we are approaching the the year of the pig, and the pig is the one sign in China's traditional 12 animal zodiac that Chinese Muslims could probably do without.

This is due not only to the Muslim aversion to pork but also to the historical derision that Muslims have endured in China for not eating the nation's preferred meat.

I was born in the year of the pig. Any other pigs out there?

People born in the Year of the Boar are honest and tolerant and make good friends, but tend to expect the same from everyone else, and more often than not they end up disappointed. (I'm working on this one.) They thrive in the arts as entertainers. They are regarded for their chivalry, pureness of heart and their ability to make true friends, often for life.

Has anybody been watching Colbert this week? He has also been celebrating this week and has been in rare form!!

He interviewed Sheryl WuDunn the other night. You can catch it here. She has written a book -- China Wakes: The Struggle for the Soul of a Rising Power Check it out.

Stephen puts out some great questions to Sheryl. Are we friends of China or the enemy -- maybe the frenemy?

Will we ever see a democracy in china?
(Love how he answers his own questions!)
"That's up to google & microsoft since they ARE helping the Chinese government restrict their own people's access to the internet --so they're just a little bit pregnant with the chinese government"

He even askes her if she thinks we will see another Tiananmen Square

There are quite a few of these videos now up at Commedy Central.

This one was my favorite:

Stephen answers the public's questions, such as: why do the Chinese play checkers with marbles? Check it out here. It's beyond hysterical.

All kidding aside, I do practice a lot of the Chinese traditions and I highly respect their philosophies

Oh, btw, did you hear about the big meeting China had with Russia and India the other day? Giants meet to counter US power

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