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Friday, February 16

blonde number crunching

The US made nice with N. Korea (no oil) this week.
LA Times: "Until this week's pact, U.S. officials had insisted that North Korea dismantle its nuclear program and disarm before a deal could be reached. In the end, North Korea agreed only to begin disabling its nuclear facilities in exchange for about $400 million in aid and other incentives. For now, North Korea will keep its nuclear material, which U.S. officials think is enough to make eight to 10 bombs."
So we're giving them "$400 million in aid and other incentives" and they get to keep enough to make 8-10 bombs? Hmm. We've got ships in the Gulf poised to attack Iran because the US claims that weapons made in Iran have killed about 170 coalition troops. Iran insists that it isn't enriching uranium to make nukes to start a nuclear war in the middle east and now there is speculation that Iran will want to make a deal with the US similar to the one made with N. Korea. Conservatives see this as a problem. Why? Because we would have no excuse to go to war with them. But maybe this is not so. Maybe bush can give another one of those speeches...
Bush repeated the story we heard when he was gearing up to invade and occupy Iraq:
"Asked what assurances he could give about the accuracy of the intelligence on the Iranian explosives, Bush said: "We know they're there. We know they're provided by the Quds Force. We know the Quds Force is a part of the Iranian government. I don't think we know who picked up the phone and said to the Quds Force, 'Go do this,' but we know it's a vital part of the Iranian government."" -LA Times
If this is so, even if Bush isn't lying (yeah right) and even if the Iranian government is in on this, only 8% of our troops have died as a result. The Sunni's killed the other 92% of our troops (2,265 have been killed since June of 2004) . The Sunni's make up 85% of the world's Muslims. Al qaeda is Sunni. Who funds the Sunni's? Why, it's the Arabs. But we can't possibly attack them and the DC think tank guys need to start another war.

Where do you think that the idea to engage Iran in a war came from? I mean, come on, it couldn't be because 8% of our troops died as a result of their alleged involvement in Iraq. It doesn't make sense if you crunch the numbers (100% - 8% = 92% ). And Gawd forbid I be accused of being an anti-semite and offend the delicate sensibilities of a particular government that the US is tied to by the balls... so let's just read something from the time machine and do some dot connecting: Plan B, by Seymour Hersch, The New Yorker, June 21, 2004

PS. Remember that war we started in Afghanistan? read this.

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