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Tuesday, February 13

Atheism -- CNN "panel" -- and Paula Zahn

Let's start at the very beginning. A very good place to start.....

Last week Paula Zahn, CNN anchor, did a story about an atheist family. (I could swear I saw this same panel discussion ages ago, but I have been confused a bit lately)
Here is the youtube video.

After commercial break (too bad we couldn't see the sponsors) she continues with a panel discussion:
Here is that youtube video.
Quote from Onegoodmove:
"Can you imagine a conversation like this one about any other group not raising calls for the host's job. Just imagine three atheists discussing Christianity on her show. It would never happen. Paula Zahn you're a tool. And Paula, are African American's tactics too militant, are Women's tactics too militant, are Gay's tactics too militant. Would you have that banner behind you if you were discussing any other group?"
Last night on CNN, In honor of Darwin Day, the discussion continues:

Onegoodmove has the story. Again, a panel discussion, and then the remarkable Richard Dawkins. You'll have to view these ('save target at') at onegoodmove, as they are not yet up on youtube. It's a quick download and a quick discussion from both. That's what I don't get. We can have 3 continuous days of non-stop Anna Nicole Smith's boobs (oh, that's right - it IS the boob tube, I forgot) but we only get a total of maybe 3 - 5 minutes for this most important discussion.

Quote from Onegoodmove
"After a repetition of first part of Paula Zahn's segment on atheism from last week came her interview with Richard Dawkins. There was no red meat, but I believe Dawkin's message was the right one. The panel on the other hand featured a Christian who was anything but, he constantly interrupted and talked over the other guests. The segment was too short as usual, but it was the Christian who came off as as the least tolerant. In the finest tradition of Fox News CNN uses the it's-only-a-question banner. Do Atheists Bring Intolerance On Themselves? Good question CNN, by insisting that others keep their sabbath day holy (blue laws) do Christians bring it on themselves? By claiming their definition of life is the only definition, do Christians bring it on themselves? Do Christians bring it on themselves when they attempt to have their theology taught in science class. When they work to prevent stem-cell research, to interfere with a women's right to choose, to forbid people to choose to die with dignity, do Christians bring it on themselves? And yes by insisting that we honor their gods on our money and pledge allegiance to our nation under the thumb of their god do the Christians bring it on themselves? In short don't Christians bring it on themselves when they subvert our Constitution? When they confuse a nation with a majority of Christians with a Christian nation, tell me CNN, tell me Christian apologists, do they bring it on themselves?"
Here is a comment from the Paula Zahn/youtube video. I have been thinking the same thing ever since Father Tyme mentioned E Pluribus Unum a few days back in one of our comment threads.
"And the opening statement about "in god we trust". Would that be the the national motto that replaced the 180 year-old "E Pluribus Unum" (Out of many, one) in 1956 during the anti-communist frenzy, Paula? That was 1 minute of fact checking! How did she get a Pullizer?"

I've been lost in the Origin and Meaning of the Motto Carried by the American Eagle ever since.

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