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Thursday, February 1

Another Serious Pentagon Failure- They Have Failed Our Troops

Ever ask someone who has one of those Chinese manufactured "support the troops" ribbons on their SUV's about our troops' equipment (or lack thereof) in Iraq? You'll be met with a blank stare or perhaps one of Rummy's famous lines, "You go to war with the army you have," or maybe throwback to the Vietnam era, "Why do you hate America, you commie, liberal, hippie?"

I see our troops as human beings- as sons and daughters, husbands and wives, mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters- not nameless, faceless war machines. Somebody loves each and every one of our troops. So I've been saving articles since day one of the war concerning the poorly equipped troops and the cuts on veterans' benefits. We, as a country, treat them like shit. As hippie dippy liberal as I am and as peacenikky wussy that I am, I am mad as hell when I see our country's brave souls treated so unfairly.

It wasn't like this war on Iraq was an emergency or anything. If it's so important to take out bad dictators, you would think that the Pentagon would shore up weaponry and armor for the troops, and most of all, make sure that they had enough troops before an invasion. It's easier to get recruits before a war starts. Either they are incompetent assholes who should all be fired, or they simply don't give a shit about the troops because their life savings is invested in defense contractors or oil companies.

I've posted numerous articles over the last 3 years on this blog concerning the outright disregard for the safety of those sent into harms way on behalf of the war profiteering corporations and I've rarely seen any outrage from the war supporters- it would 'unpatriotic' to criticize the war machine that is the United States. Hogwash. It is most patriotic to see to it that our troops are well equipped, especially in a war that wasn't an emergency. If our country can't get with the program, then escalating this war is outright insane.

Just in time for the troop 'surge' and debate, will this story make the evening news? Military Equipment: Missing in Action Do our representatives in Washington DC know about this latest, but not surprising, news? Perhaps we ought to send copies to them today.
"The Inspector General found that the Pentagon hasn't been able to properly equip the soldiers it already has. Many have gone without enough guns, ammunition, and other necessary supplies to "effectively complete their missions" and have had to cancel or postpone some assignments while waiting for the proper gear, according to the report from auditors with the Defense Dept. Inspector General's office. Soldiers have also found themselves short on body armor, armored vehicles, and communications equipment, among other things, auditors found.

"As a result, service members performed missions without the proper equipment, used informal procedures to obtain equipment and sustainment support, and canceled or postponed missions while waiting to receive equipment," reads the executive summary dated Jan. 25. Service members often borrowed or traded with each other to get the needed supplies, according to the summary.

Pentagon officials did not immediately return phone calls seeking comment.

The audit supports news reports and other evidence that U.S. troops have been stretched too thin or have performed tasks for which they were ill-prepared. It is likely to add fuel to the opposition to President George W. Bush's decision to send more troops to Iraq in an effort to quell the violence there."
At this rate, I don't see how the president can even use the word "victory" in any of his speeches.

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