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Thursday, February 22

And people thought I was some weenie liberal. feh

Sometimes I imagine that the real terrorists are too busy laughing to bother to attack us again because it seems that their goal has been met. It appears that this nation has an ongoing collective case of PTSD since that fateful day in 2001 which I will never forget, thank you very much. I hate to be an "I told you so," so I won't because my predictions are written all over this blog for the past 3 years and a couple of yahoo groups anyway, but I will state once again my prediction that the term "terrorist" will be overused to a point whereby anything abnormal will be perpetrated by "terrorists" or called "terrorism." The whole trauma of being terrorized has become diluted now and most people think that they are still being terrorized by the likes of bin Laden and yet they haven't a clue as to what it means to be truly terrorized. That insults me because New Yorkers, New Jerseyians, DC area denizens and Connecticutions were indeed terrorized on 9/11 and the rest of the country hopefully will never have to endure anything like it- the helplessness, the fear of the unknown, and the nausea that wouldn't go away for months and months- not to mention the EPA further terrorized the city itself.

You've heard the bush crime family spouting about all these terrorists they've apprehended coming into our country and the trolls on blogs going around talking about how our government is keeping us safe against 'terrorists'. It turns out that the Justice Department included cases like these in their numbers of thwarted terrorist attacks and there weren't any real terrorists included:
WASHINGTON - Federal prosecutors counted immigration violations, marriage fraud and drug trafficking among anti-terror cases in the four years after 9/11 even though no evidence linked them to terror activity, a Justice Department audit said Tuesday.

Overall, nearly all of the terrorism-related statistics on investigations, referrals and cases examined by department Inspector General Glenn A. Fine were either diminished or inflated. Only two of 26 sets of department data reported between 2001 and 2005 were accurate, the audit found.
It figures that they were pumping up the numbers. They have a war in Iraq to support. Meanwhile the real war on real terrorists wages on in Afghanistan and it's escalating. The corporate media does a fine job of keeping American people afraid though- of Mexican immigrants and the fear that Britney might not ever be truly rehabilitated. The real terrorists must be laughing their asses off.

How dare anyone insinuate that Democrats and northeastern liberals support the terrorists. How dare anyone insinuate that liberals want to roll over for the terrorists? I want to kick my liberal elitist NY boot up their ass until it comes out of their throat.
I want to spit when I hear the likes of Dick Cheney accusing Democrats of aiding the terrorists, when in fact it's his ilk is keeping them in business. Fuck oil. If Americans want to fight terrorism, they ought to turn off light bulbs, turn off street lights, lower their thermostats in the winter and raise them in the summer, use mass transit, drive fuel efficient vehicles and only when necessary. We can hit their countries where it hurts. Let the fucking middle east eat sand and drink their damn oil. I don't want it. They can rot for all I care. I am NOT for aiding the terrorists. I hate them. I will never forgive them for terrorizing us and I will never forgive the powers that be in this country for allowing it to happen.

UPDATE: Did you know that Dick Cheney accused Nancy Pelosi and 192 million Americans of supporting al Qaeda just hours after Nancy Pelosi's brother died?

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