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Monday, February 19

American Justice?

In a nutshell: Aggravated woman from North Carolina, who was cut off by the same car twice, throws a McDonald's cup full of ice into another car on I-95 in Virginia. The law in Virginia states that anything thrown into an occupied vehicle is considered a missile. The woman was found guilty of maliciously throwing a missile, a felony, and lands in prison. She was also found guilty of reckless driving and assault against the occupants of the other vehicle. The people in the other car were not hurt. The minimum sentence as per the jury is 2 years. She has spent a month in prison so far. She now deems Virginia a "fly-over" state.

Details: It was hot and the traffic was moving slowly back in July. Jessica Hall, the driver had her 3 children in the back seat on their long drive to NY to see family, and her pregnant sister was sitting next to her having early contractions. Every time she had to brake abruptly for the car that cut them off twice, she worried that her sister would hit the dashboard. Still- it's no excuse to pull off on the shoulder, speed up and throw a "missile" at another car. The woman agrees that she lost it and shouldn't have done it.

She is poor and was supposed to start nursing school the day after she landed in jail: "According to court documents, Hall is unemployed and, with her husband's salary, the couple takes in $30,384 a year. She receives $388 a month in food stamps."

Her husband is serving in Iraq for the 3rd time.
She misses her 3 children.
Did I mention that she was black?

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