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Friday, February 23


Congress has some lame bill coming up demanding a paper trail, but that is not the same thing as paper ballots being the official record of our votes. Demand that Congress legislates paper ballots and if your critter is against it, ask him or her WHY. Take action here.

The most outrageous thing has come to light. The Democrats agreed to allow Fox News to cover their debates in Nevada. This is sure proof that the Democratic Party needs to be reclaimed from the hands of tyrants. It's our only hope. You can speak at here at MoveOn.Org
or you can look up the Nevada Democrats here and give them a ringy dingy to ask them what they've been smoking on the job.

I heard Scott Ritter on Thom Hartmann yesterday. He would like us to call our congress critters or just the Capital Hill switchboard and demand that they do not allow the president to use money allocated for Iraq or Afghanistan in order to invade Iran. This will force the president to go to congress before he decides to invade Iran, which is the correct way to start a war. Please do this. Please blog it. Please pass it around.

Planned Parenthood will buy out your existing cell phone contract and sign up with a new company which will donate 10% of your bill to Planned Parenthood Federation. Check it out here.

I'm heading to NH in a few minutes with a stop at Jersey Cynic's for lunch because today's her b-day and we have to plot more blonde activism. Happy Birthday, Jersey baby, even though you live in Connecticut now.
I'll be taking a weekend polymer clay workshop with the fabulous Christie Friesen who's coming all the way from sunny Californ-I-AY. My hotel has wi fi so maybe I'll check in here at night.

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