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Thursday, January 18

Why Women Should Run the World

Because of people like Avril and Heather and the rest of the Limesuckers.

Heather is a lovely mid-30's woman who lives in NY. She makes her own pottery (which is for sale, of course) , works in a hospital and after over six months of having a doctor tell her she had GERD, she finally got one to listen to her and she found out she has cancer.

Now she is lucky enough to have medical benefits that will pay for the chemotherapy and the radiation therapy but NOT prescription coverage. Avril (bronxelf) just could not see the point in having Heather fight to beat her cancer only to lose everything to crushing debt. So, rather than whine and complain, she and her friends did something....they got naked.

Yep, they took of their clothes to make a calender available here, but they are going quickly, to raise money to help Heather pay for her medicine.

See that Washington, DC? No raising taxes, no complaining about what resources they have or don't have, no stealing the money from one place to use it in another; they banded together to protect, comfort and aid one of their own. Oh that our government would have half the sense and caring that these women do.

But that does seem to be the way of the world lately, doesn't it? Pelosi has managed to get more done in a week than the former Congress did in months. How? Not with more money but with more passion, with the understanding that it wasn't about 'her' it was about 'us', these are the sort of people we need to see more of. Anyone else have a link to some regular people doing some incredible things for others? I think we could all use a little ray of sunshine at the moment, don't you?

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