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Friday, January 19

What's a parent to do?

MySpace hit with online predator suits
NEW YORK - Four families have sued News Corp. and its MySpace social-networking site after their underage daughters were sexually abused by adults they met on the site, lawyers for the families said Thursday.
I don't know if you can blame a website for what your kids do. Can parents expect MySpace, a free service, to mind their children and determine who's a potential criminal? Even before the internet, we worried about our children's safety and we warned them about predators and not talking to strangers. We went to great lengths to make sure that our kids weren't walking home from school alone or left in possibly dangerous situations (well in my neighborhood we did.)

My 21 year old son brought some very attractive and alluring MySpace pictures to my attention just last weekend. They were his 14 year old cousins- my nieces. He was worried for their safety because they are very trusting. We'll be visiting New England this weekend and he'll talk to them and I'll talk to their moms.

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