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Wednesday, January 10

What You Won't Hear

A small list of things you can bet the farm on won't be rolling off the Decider's forked tongue tonight.

"We're gonna roll out diplomatic initiatives."

"The time has come to set down and have a serious talk with Iraq's neighbors."

"We're gonna attempt negotiations with the militia and insurgent groups."

"The US will assure, no wait, promise Iraq that it will not maintain permanent bases in Iraq."

"Let us make it perfectly clear. The US does not intend to control the Iraqi Oil."

"We will have all of our troops withdrawn from Iraq by.............. Or I'll resign."

"Let me first acknowledge the massive death and suffering caused by this totally unnecessary war."

"I accept full responsibility for the hell hole in Iraq and will personally make restitution with my family fortune."

"Vice President Dick Cheney is on board with the restitution thing too."

"As much as we wanted Democracy for Iraq and have given them the opportunity to grab the reins, we now realize that the war there is not helping reduce the chance of Terra attacks on the US."

"Sending more money and troops to Iraq will only lead to the slaughter of more of our servicemen and women and Iraq citizens"

"After this address tonight I'm checking into rehab."

"If nothing else, I think I taught America to be more particular the next time they vote."

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