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Sunday, January 14


Guess what's been found in NYC, (again) this past week:

More biological debris from 9-11-01. 39 bones according to the last report.

The original nine-month cleanup yielded more than 20,000 pieces of remains of the nearly 3,000 victims of the terrorist attack. Since September 2005, more than 1,000 more have been found in a vacant skyscraper across from the site and in the service road on the western edge.

Although, also according to reports, city officials have every intention of NOW checking all manhole covers, streets and the destroyed church to see if there are any other remains flitting about.

Now, I do not mean to be crass nor do I want to open any wounds and rub salt into them, but HONESTLY, why is this taking so long? Over five years and still NUMEROUS bones and fragments are being found. Five years and still no decent memorial to those who lost their lives. Five years with no real closure for the country, let alone the citizens of New York City who lived through hell for months and had to stare into the cold, souless eyes of both apathy and terror. We can make all the analogies between the black pit at ground zero and the blackness in the hearts of the current administration but that is really not going to get us anywhere anymore. We know W and his freak show don't care; but dammit those victims had names, they had families, they deserve better. The people of NYC deserve better. We all need to demand more from our officials, at the bare minimum we deserve competence.

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