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Wednesday, January 10

UH-OH! I've been tagged.

With a meme. By The Fat Lady Sings. So, I have to provide 5 truths and 1 falsehood about my existence and let the readership determine to the best of its ability, which is the lie.

Here goes:

1) I was born in Los Angeles on the same day as The Battle of Los Angeles: "Have you ever heard of the Battle of Los Angeles? Few have. Imagine a visiting spacecraft from another world, or dimension, hovering over a panicked and blacked-out LA in the middle of the night just weeks after Pearl Harbor at the height of WWII fear and paranoia. Imagine how this huge ship, assumed to be some unknown Japanese aircraft, was then attacked as it hung, nearly stationary, over Culver City and Santa Monica by dozens of Army anti-aircraft batteries firing nearly 2,000 rounds of 12 pound, high explosive shells in full view of hundreds of thousands of residents. Imagine all of that and you have an idea of what was the Battle of Los Angeles."

2) I have attended 7 colleges and universities and never received a degree.

3) I sang on the stage of the Lyric Opera of Chicago during the 1965-66 season.

4) Beginning in 1966, I built my own home in northeast Illinois, helped build a flat-rolling steel mill in the middle of a cornfield about 12 miles away from my home, built bridges on an interstate highway spur down to the front door of the steel mill, and then went to work in the office of the steel mill where I remained for 17 years.

5) Early in my acting career, I was good friends with Carrie Snodgress, who was nominated for an Academy Award for "Diary of a Mad Housewife", and also Linda Hunt, who won an Academy Award for "The Year of Living Dangerously".

6) The internet e-mail system enabled me to reestablish contact with an old friend whom I thought had drifted into history, all the while owing me $50 which I had lent him back in 1964. At no urging from me, just this past year he sent me a check for $100. This same friend is the writer-producer-director of "And In The End The Death and Life of John Lennon", which opened in Australia last year.

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