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Tuesday, January 16

Tunic Tops and War Movies.... oh my!

Yep, those are the new year's FEATURED ITEMS at WalMart and Sams Club this here year of our Lord: 2007

(I had to venture out yesterday for milk, socks and underwear. I had NO CHOICE on where to go. You just can't beat the prices -- $2.09 for a gallon of milk!)

You know how when you enter wallyworld they have their best priced sale items to the left, on shelves at waist level, in front of the carriages? Well, they always have a display of CD's and video's at the end. I always stop because you can pick up some great music (usually) for under 4 dollars sometimes. I got Aretha's greatest hits last time for like 6 bucks! The videos are usually old cartoons or the three stooges-type classics.

NO MUSIC THIS YEAR -- HUGE DISPLAY OF CLASSIC WAR-type MOVIES. I couldn't believe it! Every item was a "collector's edition" 2 fur 1 pack of remakes! Here's a sampling:

Hang em High..(!) / The Good The Bad The Ugly
Torra Torra Torra / The Young Lions
Men of Honor / Mash
Battle of Britain / The Great Escape
The Alamo / Red River (John Wayne)
Platoon / Hart's War
Ox-Bow Incident / My Darling Clementine - -
(not sure how this Fonda 2-pack fits in here-- it was on the bottom)

Then I went to Sam's for milk and bread and OMG I bought a
TUNIC TOP similar to this one!!! I just loved the colors!!! I just HAD to take it home to try on. I felt like I was in a time warp. A HUGE RACK OF TUNIC TOPS in all sorts of vibrant, big, swirly colors was their FEATURE display item.
Anyone else seeing tunic tops on the racks? Have they always been there? Last year it was gaucho pants (I couldn't do it) but this year I just had to try the tunic. I felt like Cher when I tried it on! For a moment, I even felt like going back to WalMart to buy one of those war movies to watch...

and the beat goes on.

Well, I've snapped out of it and the tunic is going back (even though I STILL love the colors!) What a creepy feeling.

Ya know....I wish I could stand in front of that video display of war movies (maybe with the tunic on?) and hand out that
MUST READ LETTER that flame posted below. I wonder if they would let me?


Excuse the rant here, but come on people!! I've got to do something! I feel like I am going mad!

Am I going mad?

I know it's only a tunic top and some classic war movies. I guess it doesn't take much for me to lose it lately.

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