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Wednesday, January 24


Keep your eyes and ears on this young man. His lyrics are amazing and while I personally am not a huge fan of rap, I will be buying this album. Tommy Hanna (aka TiMZ) is an Iraqi-American who is articulate and timely, his video IRAQ is one that must be seen.

His My Space page has some basic info and a few video, or you can see it here.

"There is a war going outside, no birds in the air, just bullets that fly"

He goes on to comment about how Iraq is part of the cradle of civilization and how the Abrahamic faiths all have roots in Iraq, how antiquities are being destroyed, humans are being destroyed and how 'America the beautiful' has been abused and how the troop are being used to add fuel to the fire. It is a timely and excellent song that needs to become viral and infect the net and hopefully open more eyes to what has happened and is still happening.

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