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Thursday, January 18

Republic of North America?

Remember this illustration that made the rounds after the 2004 election?
The Toronto Star has an article Canada in 2020: The Republic of Northern America

It's an interesting read if nothing else. I guess things aren't so peachy in Canada either. The writer had to simplify the issues in order to fit them into a newspaper article so it's not all inclusive. He wonders if the northern US would fuse with parts of Canada one day. It could happen, if southern evangelicals continue to be a major political force, he surmises. John McCain's popularity has tanked in New England according to the Boston Herald.

He goes on to list many of the problems that would arise in Canada as well. They are not so united in philosophy either. But eastern Canada and western Canada value social justice as well as political and economic freedom and he could see hooking up eastern Canada with New England for starters. Why oh why would democracy have to flourish in the cold states?

I think that the article brings up some good points for discussion if you want to read it here. I am not a secessionist. More of my thoughts in the comments.

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