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Friday, January 26

Over at The Big Brass Blog... a post entitled, Spambot Attack which I recommend to one and all (watchers included). In the post the Dark Wraith goes into some detail about how spambots have really picked up their activity lately. The comments are quite illuminating also but one in particular caught my eye. It reads thusly:

"Oh, and a by-the-way, my friend. We are being watched.
The Dark Wraith wishes everyone pleasant dreams."

To which I respond:
And I shall have them, friend Wraith, for I rest content with the reasonable certainty that these watchers also, will, with most of the rest of us, be deposited upon the beach like so much flotsam and jetsam when the killer tide comes in to sweep away humanity.
(Aside to the "watchers": You don't really trust those people you work for, do you?)

One of our commenters, "nolocontendere", has responded to this post with such a fine piece of advice that I'm moving the comment up here to the main part of the post. Check out his appropriately named blogsite at PIGLIPSTICK. Here's his comment:

"I use this as a signature on all my emails. Anyone should feel free to swipe it if you'd like":

[Confidential to all US government personnel to whom this private letter is not addressed and who are reading it in the absence of a specific search warrant: You are violating the law and you are co-conspiring to subvert the Constitution that you are sworn to defend. You can either refuse to commit this crime, or you can expect to suffer criminal sanctions in the future, when Constitutional government has been restored to the United States of America. I do not envy you for having to make this difficult choice, but I urge you to make it wisely.]

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